When it comes to tactical knives Extrema Ratio ranks on top of mind not only for the fans of the sector. That is why, since 1997, since 1997, the Prato-based company has become a leader in the sector thanks to the high quality of the products and their unmistakable style.

Starting from the first Dobermann to the latest Sethlans, Extrema Ratio has established itself on the market as a guarantee of quality in both the military and civil sectors. In fact, over the years Extrema Ratio has grown and evolved not only by producing blades, but also developing devices and various types of equipment such as stretchers, first aid tools, ballistic visors with one-hand lifting system, laser targeting systems, containment devices, deterrence and arrest of vehicles systems Tripod and has always been a supplier and partner in the defense sector, working alongside Law Enforcement, Civil Protection, Firefighters and Special Forces.

During the period of health crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Extrema Ratio used its mechanical industry know-how to help healthcare workers in their mission
In fact, the company is working on a project of a peristaltic pump for enteral feeding to be used for the treatment of Covid-19 patients hospitalized in intensive care: the pump can artificially feed intubated patients who are not able take food naturally; actually, enteral nutrition is the only way to support these patients without resorting to intravenous feeding, thus keeping the entire digestive system functioning.

In its twenty-year experience Extrema Ratio has developed its own brand ranging over various sectors but always keeping the quality of the product at the center of their projects, making its “Iron Hammer” as a guarantee of excellence in the world of cutelery, exporting Made in Italy to the world.


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