The Factory is a labor community created to support and promote innovative ideas. Insights, thoughts, projects and visions meet to create new business models and realize new opportunities. The Factory acts both as incubator and accelerator, supporting the development of projects, from design to marketing. The aim is to provide the opportunity to develop your ideas or projects.

The Factory reunites project managers, business consultants, designers and an increasingly large group of ambassadors.

The Factory activity is made possible thanks to the synergy with our partners who see the platform as an innovative business model. Companies such as Extrema Ratio take care of selecting and supporting the realization of projects.

Instagrammers, Youtubers, Marketeers from all over the world together in a global community. A large shared audience in which intuitions, know-how and users of all geographical origins meet.

The Factory is an ideas incubator, but not only: it is the push you were looking for to develop your project. If you think what you have in mind could be innovative, share it with us! If selected, The Factory will provide you the support you need to develop and promote it.

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