The tradition of popular short-blade fencing meets the technique of the Lajolo System, the only one internationally recognized by the AAI and the Naples Fencing Academy.

LKU01 LP LA PRIMA version limited to only 300 pieces is a knife as elegant as it is functional. Simple, but rich in details, its lines resume those typical of the traditional knife of popular short fencing and recall the duels of the late nineteenth century.

Lajolo Knife Urban 01 LP La Prima, is produced and distributed by the Italian company Extrema Ratio, one of the most recognized and appreciated worldwide for the very high quality of its knives, both in terms of materials and attention to detail, of design and maniacal quality control.

Style and materials are revisited in a modern way. Perfect both for the most demanding collector in terms of high design, and for the professional who works in urban environments.

Easy to extract, its particular shape allows it to be used in three different methods: pointed, controlled cut, push dagger

Attention please: The shipment of your LKU01LP will be arranged in early February 2021

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Lajolo Knife Urban 01 La Prima

LKU01LP “La Prima” is a limited edition knife of only 300 pieces thought by Master of Arms Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano.

It is a folding knife, easly concealable and quick to extract due to the lack of guards that could get tangled in clothes.

The blade is made in Bhöhler N690 steel, heat-treated at 58 HRC, to which a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) surface coating based on Carbon has been applied.

The PIN, als coated in DLC, has been assembled in a strategic area to allow an easy opening.

The grips are made in Anticorodal aluminium. The particuliarities of this material are the qualities of mechanical strength and lightnes, which allow to reduce the knife thickness to the minimum.

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The grips have been laser customized with drawings taken from the tables/boards of the famous criminal anthropologists Cesare Lombroso, Di Biasi and Mirabella, which represent the traditional tattoos of Italian bandits.

In addition the signature of Master Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano is a further sign of the knife’s uniqueness.

The clip is made of stainless steel with handmade satin finish. Lajolo’s shield has been engraved on it, symbol of the World Calix Academy which exports its method of knife defense all over the world. The clip is removable and reversible to ensure ambidextrous use.

The result is an essential and elegant line. A gentleman’s knife, reliable and resistant at the same time, thought for professionals and style experts.




Danilo Rossi Lajolo di Cossano is an Italian martial arts master and master of arms, specialized in traditional Italian knife techniques. His self-defense technique, the Lajolo System, is the only method recognized nationally and internationally by the Naples Fencing Academy and the AAI Academy of Masters of Arms.
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Lover and scholar of traditional Italian martial arts, lover of the popular techniques of Italian short fencing, he studied the traditional regional knife and stick systems for 15 years, traveling in all the regions of the peninsula and developing his personal System which, from these traditions , draws much of his style and philosophy.
In 2007 he created the World Calix Academy, with the aim of promoting the learning and transmission of the Italian fighting styles taught him by the families and regional martial arts societies of the Great Masters of Italy. Currently the Calix World Academy has representatives in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Australia, the United States, Spain and England. The school is certified and recognized by the Italian Martial Arts Federation, the Olympic Committee of the Italian Martial Arts Federation, the WTKA and the CISB.
His experience in the field of self-defense has led him over the years to collaborate in the personal safety of numerous celebrities and international stars.

He is the author of the book “On the cutting edge, a journey into the Italian popular traditions of the knife”.

LKU01 LP is born from the tradition of short fencing andthe experience in training qualified personnel in the use of short blades with the Lajolo System.


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